we just found this little kitten in front of my house and at first we didn’t know if it was a baby boy or a baby girl but it’s a girl!!!!!!!!

look at her!! she’s the cutest thing i’ve ever seen i’m SO HAPPY

she’s so small she fits in one of my hands!! ♥♥

she was very scared at first but then we gave her milk and water and i made a little bed for her and we put a little scarf on her as you can see

kiara (one of my dogs) is very jealous and she got scared and hid under the downstairs and it was so cute i had to take pictures

mom was like “she’s so adorable but we can’t stay with her… let’s stay with her for a few days and then let’s give her to adoption” and my sister and i almost cried and we know mom has a beautiful heart so she’ll certainly stay with us anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!

and i said “let’s call her arabella!” and my sister loved the name and mom said it was okay

so guys


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