Oh, I love your theme! Can you pass me link? Thanks!

apparently the person who made this redux edit deleted the theme bb!! i’m sorry :(

canicallyouhername replied to your post:

oi angel do you still use this url tho

oi bb yeah just once in a while because i don’t want to abandon it 100% i’m still kinda attached to it

basically i post here what i don’t feel like posting on my personal or on my lil sideblog

The Last Shadow Puppets - In The Heat Of The Morning
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In the Heat of the Morning | The Last Shadow Puppets

have a wonderful week everyone omg :-) ♥

babeeee how are you? tell me how things are at college

aww how lovely… i’m fine bb thank you for asking ♥♥ my classes havent started yet but i am SUPER excited oh my god!!! they start only on april 15th… until then i’m on vacation!!!! B)

Como eu faço pra você me passar o seu blog pessoal se eu não tenho um tumblr?

hmm aí fica um pouquinho mais complicado bb :( eu realmente não sei :(

Omg Lara! I had a beautiful dream and Alex was in it for like a minute but he was smiling and laughing and joking around and it was the cutest thing. You're the only one I know who will appreciate this story so I wanted to share it with you. <3 you!

awwww oh myg od this is the CUTEST thing!!!!! thank you so much for sharing it with me, baby :’))) this is so so so cute :’)